Awards and Honors

The pancreatic cancer research team at Johns Hopkins are the recipients of a number of awards and honors. Four members of the Johns Hopkins pancreatic cancer team are recognized as being in the top 10 most highly cited pancreatic cancer scientists, with Ralph Hruban, M.D,  Baxley Professor and Director of the Department of Pathology,  recognized as the most highly cited of all of pancreatic cancer researchers. The paper from the Hopkins team reporting the discovery of the DPC4/SMAD4 gene is the most highly cited paper in all of pancreatic cancer research. Ralph Hruban, M.D was awarded the 2006 Medical Visionary Award from PanCAN, the national pancreatic cancer patient advocacy group. Scott Kern, M.D., Co-Director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Program, was awarded the Louis Cochet Award for Outstanding Pancreatic Cancer Research. The team has also twice won the American Association for Cancer Research’s prestigious Team Science Award.

The Art of Science

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of both artistic expression and scientific endeavor. It’s not surprising that this trait is shared by both artists and scientists. Creativity drives both the scientist and the artist, and pushes both past today’s boundaries. Art Creates Cures celebrates these common threads.