Every year more than 350,000 people around the world are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Three quarters of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within a year of diagnosis and less than 1 in 10 will survive beyond 5 years. In the United States, pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer-related death in both men and women.

Sadly, the number of people affected by pancreatic cancer continues to grow and by 2030, death from pancreatic cancer is predicted to be the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. As these tragic figures suggest, pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer. Additional research is urgently needed to further advance our understanding of the disease and drive improvements in patient care. Together we can and will make a difference to the lives of pancreatic cancer patients and their families. Join us!

facts about pancreatic cancer:

  • Pancreatic cancer does not discriminate by gender or race.
  • There are no early warning signs.
  • There are no screening tests for pancreatic cancer.
  • Pancreatic cancer is almost always diagnosed after it has spread and is no longer curable.

About the Foundation

Over the course of my treatment for pancreatic cancer, there have been many nights where I could not sleep for one simple thought — I cannot waste my many second chances. Pancreatic cancer affects 350,000 people globally every year with a mortality rate of 95%. It distresses me greatly to know that the world lacks sufficient research resources for this deadly disease. I told myself, I don’t want to just sit by and do nothing. I wanted to do something for others, to give people like me every possible chance.

With this strong wish, Sotheby’s, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and I are joining together to establish the Art Creates Cures Foundation (ACC). Our goal is to raise funds to support the development of an innovative “early detection test” as well as a cure for pancreatic cancer. Bringing together individuals and organizations from different fields, ACC seeks to increase awareness and provide hope for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Our Mission

Art Creates Cures is a unique collaboration between leaders in the art world, Sotheby’s and Johns Hopkins. Established to honor the art entrepreneur Budi Tek, Art Creates Cures unites the many people Budi has touched to celebrate his passion, vision and humanity, while, at the same time, striking a blow against one of the worst forms of cancer.

Our Goals

The 501(c)(3) registered non-profit Art Creates Cures Foundation supports research that advances the understanding of the biology of pancreatic cancer, translates this new knowledge into better patient care, and, in so doing, improves the lives of patients living with pancreatic cancer. For 2019, ACC’s aims to fund a new two-year fellow position for pancreatic cancer research at Johns Hopkins.